Table 9-3
Islam as Seen in the 5th and 6th Trumpet Calls of Revelation 9

   Islam in this chapter may be understood to foreshadow the later fulfillment which we discussed on other pages rev09. Also see comments below this table. I see some of the interpretations more clearly than others.

Reference in Chapter 9
1 (verse)  Fallen star Satan or leaders he inspired
1  Bottomless pit Vast Arabian desert or the fall of Persia removing the restraint on the Saracen Arabs
2  Smoke Non-Christian doctrines
3  Locusts Arab warriors
3  Scorpion power Trouble from the attacks of the Saracen Turks
4  Sparing trees and sealed people Sultan Abubekr instructed his generals: "Cut down no fruit trees." and leave alone those retired in monasteries. Sincere Christians in places like Syria, away from the Catholic influence, may have been Sabbath keepers.
8  Hair of women Moslem Arabs often allowed their hair to grow.
10  Five months Time of early attacks on Constantinople re0900b+ Compare re0905
11  Abaddon. . . Destroyer Mohammed
14  Four angels Islamic leaders
14  Euphrates The general arab region Mesopotamia
15  Year, month, day, hour The time between the rise of the Ottoman Turks to their fading away around the time of the preaching of the Advent in the 1840s
16  200,000,000 horsemen Islamic armies
17  Brestplates Similar colors to that of the mature desert locust which is a pest in roughly the area conquered by the Moslems
17  Fire, smoke, brimstone Use of gunpowder in firearms, particularly in the cannons used to break down the walls of Constantinople.
18  Third of mankind The fall of the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire. Taken by the the Ottoman (Moslem) Turks in 1453

Harmony of the two different fulfillments of the 5th and 6th trumpet times.
   In very broad strokes, we may see the actions under the 5th seal as the attacks on Constantinople by one Islamic faction and the reign administered from that city by another faction. Several times in the book of Revelation, we see the end-time religious power oppressing the righteous and planning for their destruction. And in contrast we see Jesus take over the kingdom which will last forever. Here are a few of these

Table 9-4
The Righteous Attacked (left column) and Rescued (right column)
A Frequent Pattern

Rev. 9:1-12
   5th trumpet; righteous attacked but protected 0900
Rev. 9:13-21
   6th trumpet, Punishment of the end-time wicked
Rev. 13
   Middle Ages oppression by Christian church; end time threats of beast and image, 1301
Rev. 14
   God's call to true worship and warning against accepting beast's mark. Son of man comes on the cloud to harvest righteous and tread wicked in the winepress.
Rev. 16:12-16
   Unclean spirits gather kings for Armageddon 1616
Rev. 16:17-21
   It is enough. The great city is split and hailstones fall on the wicked.
Rev. 17:14a
   "These [kings] shall make war with the Lamb, , , ,
Rev. 17:14b
   . . . and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings. . . ."
Dan. 11:45
   The wicked king assumes control of the holy mountain (heaven) and comes to his end.
Dan. 12:1 (next verse)
   Michael stands to begin time of trouble. Righteous are saved from it.

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